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First post in the new icon community. Woot and whatnot. I still need to post my resources and things, but for now they're semi-listed at umbyicons. I will not really be using that journal anymore; I like the idea of having a community better. I'm weird like that.

First post; just some random quote icons and 2 regular ones. Feel free to snag them; please try to credit if possible.

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Ok, and now for some shameless pimping. I've been browsing Cafepress a lot lately looking for Grey's shirts, and quite frankly, I don't like most of the ones I see. I wanted to order one for myself eventually, but was having a hard time finding a design I'd like. SO, since my quote icons/style seem to be decently popular, I've started uploading some designs to Cafepress. This is the link of what I have so far. If there is anything that you'd specifically like on a certain type of shirt, I'd be more than happy to make it. I'm a poor, poor college kid working at a crappy summer job, so I figured that opening this sort of thing might help a little. :) This is my favorite shirt currently; I just made it last night.

EDIT: And about the cafepress store - I'm not actually sure if it is a copyright problem. There were a lot more shirts than just mine that had quotes on them, so does it violate copyrights to have a quote on a shirt? I know that placing images is in violation, but I'm not sure about the rest of that.

Anyway, enough of me being annoying, and goodnight. ^_^