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1 new texture set and 57 icons

First off, more textures...YAY. *cough* or whatever.

Download the 11 Noise Textures at DeviantArt here

I haven't posted icons in ages, so here are various ones from the past two months or so. They are very random as most were made for various icontest type things and I have a short attention span so I icon like, five of something and move on.


made up of various celebs, tv shows, stock, and quotes.Collapse )
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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Hey everyone! I know I'm not the best at posting updates, but I figured I'd post this little pimpage for a friend. If any of you out there have a fondness for making icons, I think you should hop on over to Weekend in the City and give it a look. There are a ton of icon challenges to give everyone something that interests them, and as it has just opened its still growing and very friendly and whatnot. I'm a member there and participating in a ton of challenges; its great. There are also tutorial and resource sections that are looking for additions, so if you have some to post feel free to join and contribute!

Anyway, its a great board. :) I hope some of you might join.